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Mesquite, TX…While “Mesquite” became a township on May 22, 1873, when the engineer for the Texas & Pacific Railroad filed the first plat in Dallas County, the citizens did not hold an incorporation election for another 14 years.

But, on Dec. 3, 1887, the election was held and votes were: 25 for, 14 against. Thus, Mesquite officially became the second community outside of Dallas proper to incorporate (Lancaster beat us to it!). Four months later, citizens came back together to elect leaders. J.E. Russell was elected Mesquite’s first mayor; S.E. Champion was elected marshal; and aldermen were R.S. Kimbrough, G.B. Gross, LL. Thompson, J.M. Talley and I.D. Browder.

And now, 125 years later, Mayor John Monaco kicked off the year-long celebration of the City’s incorporation with a proclamation at the Mesquite Symphonic Band’s holiday concert at the Mesquite Arts Center on Dec. 10, 2011.

“…It is fitting that we should join in the expression of our pride and appreciation for the many civic and economic benefits that our community has enjoyed over the past 125 years,” Mayor Monaco read in his proclamation while he also urged all citizens to join in the celebration.

A series of events are scheduled throughout the year to commemorate “Q125,” or the City’s Quasquicentennial. From a geocaching exercise, a facial hair growing contest and an appraisal fair to a parade for dogs and their owners, different City departments are partnering with outside organizations in an attempt to offer something for all different interests.

Then, on Dec. 8, 2012, the Mayor will close the celebration by proclamation at Christmas in the Park.

Of course, what’s a celebration without a souvenir? A limited number of full-color logo lapel pins, coins and t-shirts will be available prior to the first event, which will start March 10. A list of events and up-to-date information may be found under the City Council’s webpage on the City of Mesquite website at www. Historic Mesquite, Inc. will also have events listings on its webpage and will announce more on Q125 on Facebook. Don’t forget to watch the Mainstream as another source for dates and times.

For more information, call (972) 216-6468.

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